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Shanon Sheppard

Tarot Readings 

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Approximately 1 Hour


Readings by Zoom, Facetime, Phone 



Intuitive Jewelry

Created in sacred space with intention to heal, empower & align the Soul that wears it....

Shop Shanon's Intuitive Jewelry 


"Awakening is no longer a luxury for the human race. It is a necessity..."

Shanon Sheppard

Shanon Sheppard is an Intuitive, Tarot Reader, Empowerment Coach & Public Speaker. 

With her formal education in Psychology and Religious Studies, Shanon effortlessly combines this with over 15 years of training and application in Alternative Therapies, to inspire individuals towards Self Empowerment,  Living in Your Spiritual Truth, Aligning to Your Authentic Self and Raising Consciousness.


Since she was a young child, Shanon has always had a fascination for the human mind, our experiences and how they shape our realities and spiritual connection. Shanon was born with a range of extrasensory abilities which became increasingly fined tuned at the age of 5 years old when she had an unexplained near death experience. Following that experience, Shanon spent much of her childhood and teenage years, learning how to use her abilities effectively. After her formal training in mediumship, reiki, tarot and life coaching, and many other developmental courses,  Shanon dedicated her soul work to helping and raising others into their full potential. After her University career in Psychology and Religious Studies, Shanon took up her passion leading others to their true potential and spiritual freedom.

Shanon teaches us how we are our most precious guiding system. That our bodies are our navigation and when able to calm the mind, clearly define and see old patterns, traumas and belief systems that "keep you stuck",  you can then transform your life and be in a place of Personal Freedom - One of Choice - where YOU are the only guiding system needed in your life.

Shanon shares her deep wisdom through teachings of personal transformation, self-development & spiritual connection, and how to revolutionize your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual burdens and pain, into a life of authenticity, alignment and personal power. Some of the highlights from Shanon’s teachings are: learning how to truly know yourself, to ‘normalize’ your emotions and experiences, to feel connected to others rather than separate, to tap into your life's calling and knowing that your potential is endless, manifesting your true desires, and allowing all that is within YOU to come and Shine.

Shanon is a 'Catalyst for Change', and is dedicated to awakening the world and sharing her light and wisdom to all those who she comes into contact with. She is focused on assisting others in reaching their highest potential, finding their true self, restructuring conditioned beliefs and empowering individuals to help guide them to a balanced, authentic and connected life. She has a unique ability to clear old patterns, traumas, lower vibrational energy - recalibrating your energy field and setting your soul on fire!

Today, Shanon is illuminating the world through her work in Public Speaking, Tarot Readings and Spiritual Jewelry. Shanon also continues to engage with individuals one-on-one who are seeking her wisdom and guidance.

It is her Soul purpose and driven passion here on Earth to help others and guide them to their Highest Selves, showing them their Inner Light and the life of Abundance and Joy that awaits them!

Removing the Veil

Shanon's intentions are dedicated to "Removing the Veil" between social conformity and conditioning, to one of Vulnerability, Authenticity and Truth. 

Through her work, Shanon authentically and transparently shares her personal journey, allowing others to feel safe, vulnerable and heard to share their experiences, and live in truth and connectedness.

Shanon become dedicated to awakening the world as she continued to "unveil" her own reality, recognizing that the western world operates mainly on inauthentic relationships, facades, and running from Truth. She believes that when the world is operating in such a way, the truth of a person and the truth of the world cannot come to the surface in order to be known., thus leaving many with a sense of loneliness and suffering, and endlessly trying to "fill a void".

When we are conforming to social ideals, our emotions are suppressed or replaced with conditioned responses and we then lose touch with our own authentic being, as well as, our innate knowledge of Source and the Universe. We feel this sense of loneliness in it all, a void, a longing, yet nothing physical seems to fulfill it. So we begin to "pretend" to be one way when the reality of who we are and how we feel is quite different. Sometimes this "pretending" runs so deep that people are completely fooled by their own illusion, becoming detached from their own true nature, their very Being. We are so busy "keeping up the facade" that we completely block the opportunity for real personal growth, connection and transformation - which WILL lead you to the true happiness and joy that you are longing for!

We are here to be free, happy and live together in joy....but it has to start with YOU making the change and standing in your Truth TODAY!


I would highly recommend using any service or product this beautiful, loving soul has to offer. You will not regret connecting with her.

J. Currie

I have so many amazing experiences with Shanon ❤ I've had readings, healings and bracelets made. Everything I do with Shanon is special but the experience that has changed me has to be the time I met with you and drank tea. I would say it was a healing/clearing session. It truly changed me as I was in a bad mental state due to losing kidney function. After I left that day I finally felt at peace! Shanon I love ya to pieces and think you're truly amazing ❤💖

~ D.Backman

 Shanon Sheppard is a presence. It’s rare for someone to be so utterly full of knowledge and the ability to communicate it with anyone.

She’s calming & invigorating at the same time.

I’ve been practicing meditation off n on for years, first session I went deeper faster than I ever have, and getting stronger all the time. (I think she’s magical:)


~A. Hunter

You knew what was wrong before I even arrived for my reading. On the exterior I was fine, but internally there was a huge battle going on. You reaffirmed what my body had been trying to tell me for awhile... and I left with a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and great hope for the coming days. That hope has turned to extreme strength as I tackle life in it's present form. So grateful for you and every word you spoke, life changing doesn't even skim the surface of that day.

~R. Hadley 

I first met Shanon Sheppard at an event where I had a brief reading done. After that, I contacted her for a full reading. Little did I know that I would seek out her help in the fall for transformational sessions. I feel it is difficult to share one experience as I gained so much from Shanon about me. The most profound knowledge I reflect on is how I portray myself to the world, the energy/vibe I give off which attracts certain people to me. For me, this has had a negative effect and that was why I needed help! I wanted to stop this from happening. I learned I have the strength to turn these negatives into positives and to become a better healthier version of myself. Shanon saw me and showed me how to see myself for the beautiful person I am. I have so much to give, so much to learn, so much love to share and journeys to travel. 😊. I am grateful for Shanon's guidance, understanding, and wisdom on my much needed path of self discovery.

~ K. Hazel

I just want to start by saying Shanon is not like anyone else i know. When i first got introduced to her through my sister, i was going through the darkest time in my life. Her guidance and words i knew were nothing but the truth and i excepted them fully. I still to this day ask her for guidance and her spiritual gift to answer questions that i am uncertain of. Please if anyone needs and guidance or not unsure of anything Shanon Sheppard is your person to go to.


Shanon Sheppard is kind and nurturing. She spreads love and light in her wake. You will find it hard to maintain a low vibration in her presence. Thank you miss Sheppard, you give me hope.

- A. Crosby

I had the honor of having an intuitive reading by Shanon this morning. I was immediately put at ease by her voice and beautiful spirit. The reading was so powerful and so precise it kinda blew me away. It left me feeling profound peace and overwhelming joy knowing I'm right on track in life.

Thank u Shanon, u are a treasure ❤

- S. Lynn

I requested an energy bracelet from Shanon...She asked some questions regarding my life, goals, and things that I thought held me back. She then created a piece for me that I completely fell in love with, representing balance as she explained to me. When I wear it I can feel a feeling of peace come over me... in situations of stress I find myself running it between my fingers and I find it brings me the balance that she said it would, and on top of that, as a man I find it incredibly fashionable. The passion this lady puts into her work is genuine and hard to surpass, I am fortunate enough to have seen first hand her creative process and some of the fine pieces that she has created.. they are beautiful.. I had her make one for my mother as well and my mother absolutely loves it and doesn’t leave the house without it. Make sure to follow her pages on FB and IG for daily motivation and inspiration as well. She truly is Magik and you will not regret connecting with her

- J. Sickey

Wow!!!! What an amazing reading that was!!! Shanon is such a naturally, talented, intuitive person!!! I had this tugging to connect with her over the last few months and I finally did it and I was blown away with my reading! It was full circle exactly how my life was at the moment and the outcome is going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot wait to connect with her again!!! Thank you so much!!! Xoxo

S. Skinner-Allen